GC021 – Big Cowboy ‘Bright Places’

Big Cowboy‘s ‘Bright Places’ was released on September-9th-2021 on Go Country Records. Better not change a winning team and the main production staff remained the same as on the last record ‘The Hidden Room’ (actually Big Cowboy’s first solo album). 
The arrangements and the studio production are still entrusted to Paolo Pizzi who also plays acoustic guitar and electric bass on all tracks. Responsible for backing vocals is Valentina Mazzaretto and the traditional instruments department like banjo, mandolin, resophonic guitar and steel guitar, is still in the hands of the eclectic Cris Mantello. One of the main technical differences with the previous album is the presence of drums in most of the songs, entrusted to the drummer Diego Lancellotti. Some guests: Roberto Viola on piano, Lorenzo Risi and Manuel Verardo as solo guitarists in one song each.
The entire staff, for various reasons, revolves around Go Country Records record label, which is proving to be decisive in the consolidation of the Big Cowboy solo career, who now also stands as a mature writer and composer, able to convey his own musical message in the guise of a delicate American folk songwriting.
‘Bright Places’ is a solo exhibition of musical images that pictures the ‘bright places’ of memory, the remembrance of moments and people, shining refuges for the soul. Ten songs, of which only one cover, ‘Gran Torino’, which need not be commented on. Ten stories, each one able to create a dense atmosphere with which Big Cowboy, as usual, manages to touch the right keys. He tells about himself and his world through his music, managing to speak with a special gentleness to the heart and soul of the listener.


Album produced by Paolo Pizzi and Big Cowboy.

All songs written by L. Dellavetta and P. Pizzi, except track #10 written by J. Cullum / K. Eastwood / C. Eastwood. All songs arranged by Paolo Pizzi.

Big Cowboy: acoustic guitar, lead and backing vocals
Valentina Mazzaretto: lead and backing vocals
Paolo Pizzi: acoustic guitar and electric bass
Diego Lancellotti: drums
Cris Mantello: resophonic guitar, banjo, mandolin and pedal-steel guitar
Roberto Viola: piano

Special guests:
Lorenzo Risi, lead guitar on track #6
Manuel Verardo, lead guitar on track #3
Cris Mantello, lead guitar on track #2 and #9

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Paolo Pizzi at San Lorenzo Studio (Bologna-Italy)
Vocals recorded by Riccardo Vojvoda at OffLimits Recording Studio (Pordenone-Italy)


  1. Gaia
  2. Make the Right Choiche
  3. Bright Places
  4. Dream Until Tomorrow
  5. Shootin’ Star
  6. Wild Wild West
  7. Doc Play Blue Bar
  8. I Leave You Now
  9. No Matter
  10. Gran Torino

GC021 Go Country Records, available in digital (download and streaming) and physical (CD) formats.

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