Cris Mantello to release a brand new album in 2023

‘Hard Times’ Official Audio

The Cris Mantello single ‘Hard Times’, which has been recently released on Go Country Records, represents a turning point for the artist. It is actually the beginning of a new phase in his artistic and recording career and features a new approach to arrangement and production allowing the typical sound of Cris Mantello to evolve becoming more modern, clear-cut and gritty. While keeping extremely recognizable the artist vocal and guitar style, ‘Hard Times’ setted a brand new artistic path that will takes us to a new album release announced for April-28-2023.

Other singles will mark some stages on the way to Cris Mantello new record, and all the work will see the musician/producer Paolo Pizzi as a co-producer, co-engineer in the studio and bassist. We can’t wait to discover Cris Mantello new sound…and you?

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A quick talk with Cris Mantello about the single ‘Hard Times’ and a point on his career.