Tia Maze, the game changer

She joined Go Country Records family with a single release that had suddenly raised the standard. A great image, a boundless talent and a high quality level of production, but ‘Bluebird’ is a cover song that doesn’t tell us nothing about Tia Maze songwriting skills.

A new original song comes out to clarify this point. ‘Maybe We Were Us’ is the second single from the album ‘The Best Of Me’ which will represent Tia Maze’s recording debut. A simple but intense acoustic ballad, written by Tia Maze and effectively arranged and played by Paolo Pizzi who produced and arranged the entire album.

The high level of production and a mature songwriting are confirmed, but Tia Maze does not tell us everything and makes it clear that she wants to reveal her musical world little by little, step by step until the release of her debut album on May 20th.

What should we expect? The upcoming single ‘Flying High’, scheduled for May 6th, will complete the picture. The song, co-written with Paolo Nunin, still have a semi-acoustic setting but different from the previous ones and will be the last step before everything is revealed.